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she codes; is one of the largest and oldest tech communities in Israel. We strive to help women integrate into and advance in the high-tech world.
she codes; was founded with the goal of reaching 50% women software developers within the next decade in Israel.
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The Registration for November 2019 tracks is closed, congratulations to all beginners.
See you all on March 2020 tracks, follow the posts on our website
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Join professional lectures on a variety of topics
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At she codes; there are eight study courses: three for beginners without prior experience and five for advanced coders.
In addition, you can join us to work on personal projects and homework assignments.

How do we learn

she codes; meetings are intended for our entire community of women. At each meeting, the participant arrives with laptop and headphones and starts programming. she codes; provides a framework for learning and programming within a community. Learning is independent. Each lesson consists of online lectures and exercises, and each branch has mentors that help participants.

Where do we learn

We meet in the evenings once a week to program together at over 30 branches throughout the country. New courses start every quarter, and registration opens a month before the start date on this website.

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