About us

she codes; is a community of women established with the goal of reaching 50% women software developers in the Israeli high-tech scene. It was founded by Ruth Polachek in 2013 and now has over 50,000 members.

Among our members are women who want to learn software development or to move into the high-tech field. Our members also include women who want to develop new programming skills and meet fellow programmers, as well as high school students who are interested in programming.  At she codes;, our core values are belief in yourself, perseverance, and community.

We operate over 45 branches throughout the country. Activities include programming courses, group projects led by community volunteers, tech lectures, meetings with inspirational women, career counseling, and more. At she codes;, members are encouraged to further develop their professional and personal skills as a volunteer. The volunteers not only manage the branches, they also plan study courses, organize events, and more.

she codes; hacknight at wix branch

Our core values



Believe in Yourself

Management she codes;

Ruth Polachek, Founder

Inbar Shenfeld, COO

Dafna Ehrman, Jerusalem District Manager

Michal Schreiber, Sharon District Manager

Adi Dagul, Community Manager

Rotem Haber, VP Branches

Gal Wainer, VP Branches

Dar Lador, North Distrcit Manager

Doreen Ben-Zvi, Head of Events

Reut Ben-Shai, VP Next Generation

Sharon David, VP Next Generation

Moran Sharon, South District Manager

Keren Ben-Arosh, Tel - Aviv District Manager

Hemdat Cohen-Shraga, Tracks Unit Manager

Area managers

Tal Tilayov, Tel - Aviv Area Manager

Shiran Kfir, Tel - Aviv Area Manager

Nataly Doron, Shfela Area Manager

Mira Zahra, Haifa Area Manager

Netanella Brand, South Area Manager

Sara Gallagher, Jerusalem Area Manager

Idit Yeger, Tel - Aviv Area Manager

Roni Gonikman, Sharon Area Manager

Noa Simon, Jerusalem Area Manager

Chani Glick, Jerusalem Area Manager

Eden Golan, South Area Manager

Shira Negbi, Tel-Aviv Area Manager

Shiraz Yaacob, Sharon Area Manager

Mor Sadras, Jerusalem Area Manager

Sara Yakubov, Jerusalem Area Manager

Masha Dodzina, South Area Manager

National administrations

Miri Nudelman, National Media Manager

Tal Laufer, Final Project Course Manager

Shelly Goldblit, NG Courses Manager

Noga schlisser, National Welcome Manager

Evelin Lufer Alterovich, National Welcome Manager

Orly Sharon, SMART team Manager

Ofra Danilo, Sys Admin Team Manager

Yehudith Ginzburg, National Media Manager

Michal Gutman, Projects Manager

Shani Chaushu, NG courses manager

Area Managers - Next Generation

Shani Achtenberg, Next Generation Center Area Manager

Shir Kamenetsky Yadan, Next Generation Jerusalem Area Manager

Daniel Douek, Next Generation Sharon Area Manager

Roni Ash, Next Generation North Area Manager

Anat Ruhm, Next Generation Shomron Area Manager

Shani Felig, Next Generation Beer - Sheva Area Manager