Created by Ira Seliverstov
נוצר על ידי אירה סליברסטוב

Registration FAQ

After your registration you will receive an email. If you haven’t received such an email please check your spam folder.

You can find out your registration status here, appearing also at the bottom part of the registration portal and updated daily. 

There are a limited number of places in each branch, and the course paths are not offered at all the branches. In order to give everyone an equal chance of registration we use an algorithm for optimal placement.

If you cannot come you are requested to cancel your registration here.

We would love to see you in one of our next course openings. Canceling your registration will enable other applicants to enter this coming course opening and does not affect your chances for acceptance in the following course openings in any way.

This means that in the coming course of November 2019 you will not take part. We invite you to try again in the next opening registration which will take place on March 2020. If you choose to do so this will increase your chances to be accepted since your place will be favored but not guaranteed.  

Since the number of available places in every branch is different and in order to increase your chances to join the coming course registration we ask you to mention two relevant branches and by this to increase your chances to be accepted to one of them. If you prefer only one branch please mention only the branch you can join should you be accepted.

The option to choose a friend is meant to enable both of you to learn together if possible, and does not affect in any way either of your chances to be accepted. We took into consideration the imbalance and made sure that this will not make a difference whether you register by yourself or with a friend. 

The first meeting in a course opening is very important and obligatory. It includes getting familiarized with She codes;’ values, the course team, other participants, leaning materials and leaning mode. If you are registered to a course and cannot attend the first meeting in your branch you can complete that meeting in other branches that have not yet started during quarter. To do this you must find out in which branch there is the course you are registered to, in the Branches page. If you come to that branch you must contact one of the team members there and tell them that you came for a one-time completion.

Please note:  Not in every branch there is a possibility to complete lessons. It is your responsibility to check the details mentioned under each branch in the website.

I have participated in previous She codes; courses but had to leave. Do I need to register again?

We would love to see you again! If you’ve learned at She codes; after September 2016 our new system requires some details in order to identify your previous registration. Please fill-in this Returning Participant Form so that we can guarantee your return to the organization. Please prepare the email with which you’ve registered to the system in the past.

Please note:

  1. You cannot return to a student branch if you’re not a student anymore. You can see in the Branches page which branches are for students only.

2. If you’ve learned at She codes; after February 2019 you are welcome back to your branch and continue the course without the need to fill-in the Returning Participant form

You can restore you password using the email you’ve registered with or via your username here. If you don’t remember the email you’ve registered with please send your full name in Hebrew and English to this email: and we will verify the email you’ve registered with.  

Yes, you need to submit your application as usual and wait for an email informing you if you have a place in the coming course or not.

Created by Ira Seliverstov
נוצר על ידי אירה סליברסטוב