Installation instructions for the study courses

If you encounter a problem, get help by visiting the relevant branch or Facebook group:

When downloading programs for the web and Android course on Windows computers, check if your computer is 32bit or 64bit to get the correct version.
Follow this guide:

Web course

download Sublime:

React course

No installations are required before the course begins. At the beginning of the course there is a special session focused on this.

Java basics course

download jdk:
Note that you need to check “Accept License” at the top of the table and select the download that is appropriate for your computer

Download eclipse:
Ask questions about the course installation instructions in the Android course Facebook group

Android course

:download Android Studio

Python course

:download Python
For the regular course, download any Python version starting with 3

Download the community version of PyCharm:
Download the community version of PyCharm

Python for Programmers course

Please follow the instructions in the attached file >> link

Data Analysis course

:download Anaconda
.If you have previously installed Python on your computer, uninstall any previous versions before installing Anaconda

Use the Python Facebook group if you have any questions about the course or its installation instructions. Questions about more advanced topics in Python are also welcome

GIT Module

For GIT installation guide please click here