Created by Ira Seliverstov
נוצר על ידי אירה סליברסטוב

Registration Portal

Welcome to the Registration Portal. Please read this guide before completing the application form for the she codes; study tracks

If you are an active participant at she codes; there’s no need to submit an application.

If you’ve participated in one of she codes; courses prior to February 2019, there’s no need submit an application.

We recommend to fill in the registration application via desktop.

Application process

Step 1: submit your application form on the website

The online registration will open at 12:00 noon on 22.09.2019 and close at 12:00 noon on 29.09.2019. The application includes a short form and questionnaire. You can later check your application status using the ID number you provide in the form.

When filling in the application, you will be asked to provide personal data which will be used for research purposes. The data will help she codes; organization to track the current employment statistics of women in the hi-tech industry, and follow our purpose of providing she codes; courses platform at free to minimum costs. We’d like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and your willingness to help.


It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete the application; we recommend that you make the time for it and not rush through it. At any time you can click on ‘Save and Continue Later’ button at the bottom of the form, save the changes in the document and get back to it later again. Note that we do not give preference for early applications; all applications submitted by noon of the registration closing date will be given equal consideration.


1. In order to edit your application info, you will have to cancel your previous application and start over. (Please note, submitting an application more than once, will disqualify your application).

2. To increase the chances of placement in the current session, you can choose an optional second branch in addition to your preferred branch. We will do our best to take your preferences into account, but please be aware that you may not receive your first choice. If we are not able to place you during this round, we encourage you to register again in the next cycle.

3. If you would like to study with a friend, you can specify this in the form (up to one friend only), and we will try to place you together. Make sure to choose the same branches and include your friend’s ID number in your form, and vice versa. Whether you register with a friend will not affect your chances of acceptance.

Step 2: Application status

The results of your application will be sent to the email address provided in the form by 17.10.2019.

If your application was approved but you can no longer participate, please cancel your registration via the cancellation form.

If you are not accepted into one of the tracks, keep your eyes out for an email from us for any change in status by 25.10.19.

During the first week of the tracks, we will make an effort to place you as spots open up. If we cannot find a place for you, you will not receive an email, but we encourage you to apply for the next cycle. We cannot guarantee placement, but we will prioritize your request.

You will be able to independently check the status of your registration starting from 17.10.19  using your ID number here.

Step 3: Study tracks opening

The study tracks will begin in the first week of November 2019. Check out the  branches page to find details about your branch: opening hours, location and a link to the branch’s Facebook group.

Most of the learning is at the branches and will be independently, using she codes; online presentations, exercises and videos (mostly in English).

she codes; staff will be on hand to answer any questions, and we encourage you to approach your community of peers. We believe that perseverance and investment are the key to success, and we recommend that you continue practicing outside of the weekly meetings.

Tracks opening meeting is mandatory in order to start the course. If you can’t make it to the opening meeting, please complete it by attending to another branch of your choice on the first week of tracks opening. For details please review FAQ’s page.  In case you can’t attend at all, please cancel your registration by filling in the registration cancellation form.

Important! In order to change a branch, please fill in the following form. Changing branch requires attendance of at least 4 meetings, and is subject to availability of the chosen branch.

Created by Ira Seliverstov
נוצר על ידי אירה סליברסטוב