Created by Ira Seliverstov
נוצר על ידי אירה סליברסטוב


At she codes; there are eight courses: three for beginners without prior experience and five for advanced coders. The lesson content is comprised mostly of English materials. The presentations are in both Hebrew and English, but some exercises are in English and all online lectures are in English.  All programming languages themselves are also English-based.

New tracks opening start three times a year, and all are welcome to join. The first meeting includes an introduction to she codes;, the branch staff, the other participants, and the learning material.

Beginner Courses

Web Basic Course
she codes; web track icon

13 Meetings

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Basic JavaScript
  • JQuery 
Python Basic Course

17 Meetings

  • Introduction to Python
  • Control flow
  • Data structures and data types
  • Functions, Recursions
  • OOP, Files, GUI
  • Final Project
Java Course
java track icon

15 Meetings

  • Basic Java principles
  • Object Oriented Programming OOP
  • Error handling
  • data structures
  • Working with threads
  • Final project

Advanced Courses

Data Analysis with Python Course
data analysis track icon

18 Meetings

python knowladge is required
  • NumPy
  • Matplotlib
  • NumPy and SciPy
  • Data analysis with Pandas
  • Final Project
Android Course
she codes; android track icon

13 Meetings

Java knowledge is required
  • Introducing UI
  • Different components in application development
  • Saving files, network access, and databases
  • Alerts and user notifications
  • Final project
GIT Module

5 Meetings

Programming knowledge is required

GIT is a standard tool designed to manage and maintain software products. In this course you will learn the importance of an organized and up-to-date code, how to back up exercises and how to work with GIT for a complete programming process

Python for Programmers Course

13 Meetings

Programming knowledge is required

Python for Programmers course is designed for experienced programmers. In this course we will quickly learn Python language basics and unique rules which make Python readable,  easy to use and powerful.. 

Final Project Course

9 Meetings

Programming knowledge is required

The final Project course is designed for junior programmers who wish to advance professionally, design and build a large-scale project. The course requires an additional 10 weekly programming hours from home (depending on individual progress).

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Created by Ira Seliverstov
נוצר על ידי אירה סליברסטוב