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she codes; is a community of women in technology, created to achieve an equal number of women and men software developers in Israel. Founded in 2013 by Ruth Polachek, today she codes; has approximately 20,000 members. Our members include developers who want to advance their skills and network with other women in high-tech, women who want to learn software development or make a career shift into high-tech, and high school students who are learning to program.

We operate over 30 branches all over Israel. Branch activities include courses to learn programming skills, group projects with support from community team members, lectures on technology, career advising and more. Volunteer opportunities at she codes; contribute to the personal and professional development of members. Among the roles, volunteers may manage branches, plan events, and develop learning courses, along other duties.

Participants program at each meetup. Whether you’re there to learn a new programming language through one of the courses, work on a personal project, or finish homework, she codes; provides an excellent environment to learn and program alongside a community of women who study and learn together. The meetups are a space both for women with a background in programming and women who are learning to code for the first time. The community of she codes; is open to all women.

The lessons are designed for self-study; you will need a laptop and headphones. You’ll use the laptop to watch lectures and write code and the headphones to listen to lectures without disturbing your fellow group members.

Yes, to sign up for our study courses, please register via the Registration Portal page on our website.  

You are also welcome to visit our branches and be part of the community – whether to work on personal projects or school assignments, promote your startup and develop your professional skills.

Please note that before visiting one of our branches, you should contact the branch manager via the Branches page on our website to notify regarding your arrival.

The courses are written in Hebrew and English, and the online lectures and external links are in English. Programming languages are all English-based. There is a difference between spoken English and technical English, and even an English speaker might come upon new terms from the technological world.

The she codes; courses, branches and events are open to our community of women.
Girls between 9th and 12th grade may join our next generation branches, more details may be found on our NG page

Sure! We support women at she codes; therefore children are always welcome to join you. Please make sure to keep quiet and not disturb the other learning members in the branch.

Depends on the branch-some branches are dog-friendly. You may ask in the branch Facebook group if they can accommodate animals.

she codes; courses are available at no charge. You can choose to be tested on your knowledge and your final project for a nominal fee once you have completed the course and your final project. If you pass, you will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate is not mandatory!

You will gain valuable programming experience, benefit from the excellent reputation she codes; has in the high-tech industry, and of course make connections with other talented women in the industry. You are invited to check whether our advanced courses are suitable for you, and continue wth your training . We also recommend that you send your CV to our career center: career@she-codes.org

Yes! she codes; is open to programmers of all levels. Advanced programmers are welcome to learn a new language, join project branches, work on personal or professional projects, participate in our hackathons, network with other programmers, find partners for an initiative, and attend she codes; lectures and events. You can also volunteer in a role that requires a professional background.

There are many ways to join the she codes; team. The organization and all of its branches are managed and operated by volunteer staff. Available staff positions include technical and non-technical roles.
If you are already a participant in one of our branches, please speak to your branch managers about joining our team. If you aren’t a member of a specific branch, please fill out this form goo.gl/XQWsSy and our Roles Manager will contact you when a suitable role is available.

We have a variety of events and workshops for women of all skill levels and career stages. We host coding skills workshops, and lectures on career strategy. Some lectures are offered in English and others in Hebrew. Keep updated by following our main www.facebook.com/codesshe

Regular she codes; branches are open to members ages 18+. she codes; Next Generation branches are open to high school students grades 9-12 who want to learn to code or get help with computer science homework. Students must bring a signed permission slip to the first meeting that you can find at our NG page

You are welcome to come to any branch to study independently and meet talented women with various technological backgrounds. You can help one another and share your knowledge. There is no need to pre-register should you arrive to work on a project or do your homework.

Please note that before visiting one of our branches, you should contact the branch manager via the Branches page on our website to notify regarding your arrival.

Choosing a course is up to you and will depend on what field you want to go into and what interests you most. Excluding the Android and Data Analysis courses, all courses are suitable for women with no experience or previous knowledge. You can read more about our learning tracks on our courses page. You can ask the track managers additional questions about at the track opening.

Persistence is the key for success. If you have to miss a meetup, we ask that you let your course manager at your branch know ahead of time and then make up the meetup at one of the other branches that week. The meetups cannot be made up at any of the following branches as they are at maximum capacity: Haifa University and Daliat el Carmel.
Before your arrival, make sure your course is available at the branch and join the branch’s FB group to stay updated. Notify the welcome coordinator upon your arrival.

Perseverance is the key to success. If you must miss a few lessons or put your learning on hold, contact your branch manager to coordinate your return. You can contact her through Facebook messenger or by posting to your branch’s Facebook group or by the “contact the branch” button on the branches page; there is no need to re-register.

We recommend consistency and attendance at a single branch. Should the need arise, and once 4 meetups have passed from the start of the course, you may request to change branches through this form. You must also inform the branch and/or track manager.

The first meetup is of utmost importance. It includes building a familiarity with the she codes; values, introduction to the branch’s staff, other participants, learning material, and manner of study.

If you are registered to a course and could not make it to the first meetup, you can make up the missed session at any other branch that has not yet had their first meetup. You must first confirm that your course is offered at the branch where you wish to make up your missed meetup and join the appropriate Facebook group. You must also coordinate your arrival in advance with the branch managers and follow the Facebook group for relevant updates. When you arrive at the branch, please update the branch’s Welcome manager that you have arrived to make up the first meeting and show her your registration approval.

If there is no way for you to make up the first meeting, you cannot join the course, and must wait until the tracks reopen during the following session. The course open 3 times a year, the registration and track opening dates are updated on the website a month before the new session.

More information is available on our home page and the registration page

Our organization is growing and we open new branches accordingly. You can stay updated on new branch openings on our branches page or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/codesshe We are glad to receive suggestions for new branches, however please remember that many factors go into choosing a new branch location. While we aim to span across the whole country, we currently have a long list of suggested locations that are being examined and new branches are opened as the organization sees appropriate.

Reasoned suggestions may be sent to collaborations@she-codes.org

We recommend you use Windows, Linux, or Mac. While a tablet can be used for most of the course work, there are some exercises or installations that will not be available for all types of tablets, and therefore we do not recommend them. If you arrive with a laptop that is not Windows, make sure to choose the correct installation files for your OS, and not the files shown in the instruction videos for win computers.

You are invited to attend two branches, this way you will be able to review the material, better able to implement it, and make more progress in the course. You can request to attend more than one branch per week starting from the third lesson. Branch managers will consider your request based on your perseverance and available space at the requested branch.

We do not recommend learning two courses simultaneously. Each course requires many hours of practice and learning. We suggest starting with one course and seeing how you manage with the course load. If you feel confident in your abilities and think you will be able to do so, discuss matriculating into a second course with the branch manager. Make sure you register for the course during the registration period and that you attend the first track s opening meeting.

At this moment we cannot help on this matter. However, all you need is a basic laptop that can connect to Wi-Fi in order to practice the course, there are no minimum requirements.

There is no option to join the Haredi branch, the branch is located within a Haredi institution and is meant solely for this community. There are other branches in Jerusalem that you may join. You can search a branch on our branches page

Prerequisites for the advanced courses include requirements only, without practical examination. Among the requirements: Graduate of a technology degree, industry experience or graduate of she codes courses.

The advanced courses were written especially for women with programming experience. Please make sure to peruse the prerequisites and make sure you fit the criteria for the course you have applied to. If you don’t fit the criteria for the advanced courses you may find information on the beginner courses in the Courses page

Don’t give up! The staff at the branches will be happy to assist you with the professional challenges. Take your time and remember that perseverance is the key to success. If you wish to change courses you are welcome to do so. Contact the staff members at your branch and they will assist you in registering for another course of your choice.

For more information on the courses visit the Courses page.

What happens if the course I signed up for is too

easy? We encourage perseverance! If you feel the material

is too easy for you we recommend that you go over the presentations and exams,

you can always learn something more and get better! Try to finish the course and get to the more advanced presentations. You can then join the Final Project course , or continue your studies with an Advanced course

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